Previous Litters

Welcome to our"Previous  Litters'' page.   On this page are random photos of litters reared  with pride by us.
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Douwe 3 months (Albie x Dixie 09 litter) & Hunter x Roxie's 09 babies
Roxie and her Hunter babies 2009
Albie x Dixie 2009 litter
Douwe (Albie x Dixie's 09 litter)enjoying the company of Hunter x Roxie's 09 litter
Sevannah and Marley with her Rusty babies 2010
Sevannah and Marley with her Rusty babies 2010
Marley and her beautifull Rusty babies @ 5 days old 2010
Albie & Jojo's 08 litter
Albie & jojo's 2008 litter
Jojo with Albies babies 2008
Jojo with her Albie babies 2008
Indy 3 months (Albie x Jojo;s 2008 litter)
Elvis x Gypsy's 2000 litter
Albie x Dixie's 2007 litter
Albie x Dixie's 2009 litter
Jake, Fletcher and the Hunter x Roxie babies 2009
Dixie and her Albie baby 2007
Dixie and her Albie litter 2007
Dixie x Albie 2009
Hunter x Roxie 2009 litter
Dixie x Albie 2007 litter
Rosie 4 months ( Albie x Dixie 2007 litter)
Sevannah and Marley with her Rusty babies 2010
Sevannah , Marley and babies 2010
Sevannah, Marley and babies 2010.
Marley and her Rusty babies 2010.
Marley and her Rusty babies @ 5 days old.2010.
Siege & Rosies babies Feb 2011
Rosie and Babies Feb 2011 litter.
Feb 2011 litter, Siege x Rosie.
Feb 2011 litter.
Rush with her Zac sons 2011 litter
Ch Cedarrose Blues Brother AI, Zac with his son Cedarrose Just Curly 2011 litter
Indy and her Karma babies, 2012 litter
Indy, (Ch Cedarrose Easy Rider) and bub 2012
Hayden with Marley and Zulu babies 2014
Marley 2014 litter
Marley and Sevannah 2015
All Marleys babies
Hayden and Fergie & family
Sevannah and Gypsys 2016 litter
Kindy kids
Jock (Lucy x Konnar) enjoying his new friends (Gypsy x Bear babies) 2016
Cedarrose Hugo Here Hugo There having a moment.
Photo Bombers


Two of our liver babies from Gus x Sissy litter.
Hayden and Sissy x Gus babies.
Is lunch ready yet ? Sissy x Gus babies.
Sevannah with Reba, Cedarrose Jumping Jewelry enjoying a cuddle
Sissy handing out some old school discipline.
Motherly advice ? Sissy with her Gus babies
Stormie and Jock babies from our 2018 litter
Stormie and baby 2018 litter
Stormie and babies 2018 litter
Stormie proud mum 2018
Discipline Stormie style 2018
Jock and his beautiful Stormie babies 2018


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